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Hello :D (Big Grin) 

1. For the first 7 people who comment on this journal, I will feature one of their characters I like the most and comment my choice. (I will go to your gallery and pick one character and one picture I like, you don't need to tell me which one)
2. If you comment, please do the same in your journal, and put me in the first feature slot. The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone! I feature you after you made the journal.

1. :iconqueenjewel:
Cicero by QueenJewel
One of the ones that appealed to me, Prolly the softness of the art itself







Tagged by noone
Here, you need to ask your own OC the questions that are listed here:
Lettuce ask the gods of random for their thoughts on the matter... the hokarba who looks like a giant ladybug!
1. Hello! What's your name?
2. What's your favorite thing?
...Uh, Does not dying ccount?
3. What's your favorite character?
That, Blacckk white and purple feathered one, Did he say he was named KKala? Sure kknows how to kkeep quiet
4. The least?
...Probably that blue demon, He's kkinda a jerkk
5. What can't you stand on DA?
Eh... KKinda easy to get lost
6. What are your abilities?
...I ccan move things with my mind... Likke the rest of my kkind, And i'm the smartest in my swarm, So that'd be a thing...
7. Favorite food?
Probably the littler ones, The things humans ccall inseccts
8. Have you killed anyone?
Well, To protecct my swarm, Yes
9. Are you hero, or villain?
Probably a hero, I'm not ekxacctly going around kkilling people am i?
10. If you met a genie from a lamp, what would you wish?
I would probably wish for my swarm to be less stupid
11. Favorite drink?
Water, Haven't gone into any of those human or what have you stores
12. Friends?
Yeah, Some of the smarter ones among my swarm, Oh, And Jorri, He's pretty nice
13. Family?
Eh, Forgot who they were, But i did
14. Have a pie! *pies the character with a pie that contains the character's favorite flavor*
Gah! *proceeds to stop the pie mid-air* What'd you throw this for?! *then toss it back*
15. Have a bad habit? -.-
...Does yelling at my swarm ccount?
16. What do you do to kill time?
Find somewhere safe to be and thinkk for a bit
17. Who is your favorite hero?
Uh... Not sure what you ccompletely mean
18. If you win a billion dollars, how do you react?
What am i even going to do with a billion dollars?!
19. What do you not like?
The facct that my swarm kkeeps on getting themselves kkilled!
20. Ever always wanted to do something with your most hateful foe?
Uh, I thinkk all my foes are gone...
21. Favorite animal?
Eh... all the ones that aren't trying to eat us
22. Favorite videogame?
I was shown a couple video games once... I thinkk i played somfee game with Zelda in it's name the most
23. Want me to end this meme?
I guess?
24. Really?
Sure, Why not...
25. Then tag someone before you leave!
Uhh... Shina-K
found this from :iconglaceonkisses24:, here goes

Your real name: 


Your detective name: (favorite color+ favorite animal)
(oh gosh which one!? i have quite a few!)
Purple Fox
(alternatives: Purple Dragon, Purple Cat, Purple Wolf, Possibly Purple replaced with Green)

Your soap opera name: (middle name and street on which you live)
Paul... (oh gosh lemme go check)
Paul Farber

Your Star Wars name: (first three letters of last name, first two of middle)
(...I... Cant)

Superhero name: (shirt color and item to your immediate left)
Red Hot Glue Gun
(...worse than to my right, red pizza)

Goth name: (black, and one of your pet's names)
Black Meulin
(alternatives: Black Verbal, Black Tawny, Black Sunshine, Black Cheeko, Black Sigmund, Black Meeka)
<da:thumb id="486817860"/>
they're doing an art giveaway thingy, the link is right there^ (well, not exactly on thhat arrow, but is good enough rite?)
soo, yee, seeya?
what do you guys think of it?

It likely wont change for quite a bit

So just, Say what you think about it
For this one... I'll use Eclipse!

1. What's your character's name?

Eclipse (Azurai, though they have minor amnesia so they don't know their full name)

2. Is it a boy or a girl?
uhh... :icondragonerrplz: sometimes both?

3. How old is he/she?
Currently fourteen in human years :icondragonteaplz:

4. Would I find your character way up north or down south?
Depends on what you mean, Both if you mean the far ends of the earth, Hardly ever the equator

5. Interesting, if I put your character in a strip club, what would happen?
Probably sit and watch the going-ons until they feel uncomfortable, not like you can remove a 20-foot dragon forcefully :icondragonkekeplz:

6. Very interesting. ;) (Wink) What would happen if I put your character with a bunch of toddlers?
they'd... probably be slightly distressed, if they dont scare the toddlers first, as they are 20 feet tall and a dragon, Though they might just try to watch over them :icondragonidleplz:

7. How about with a bunch of very rambunctious teenagers?
If they arent already running, trying to kill them or berating them about being a dragon, im sure they'd get along fine

8. I put your character in a singing contest, how did they do?
uhh, they probably flunked, not really one for singing around people they dont know, but if they did try im sure they'd win, wind and electricity for voice and reaction time! :icondragonspif:

9. What about a dancing contest?
well they'd probably have to shapeshift into a smaller form first, As its kinda hard to dance as a 20 foot dragon 

10. A very hot boy/girl walks by,(depending on gender of character), how do they react?
Depends on the meaning, if you mean literally, They'd probably scoot away a bit, if the unliteral meaning, they'd probably compliment them

11. Cool. I put your character on a deserted island in the middle of nowhere, do they survive?
im sure they'd be able to swim away from there, probably take over the surrounding sea before finding their way back :icondragonlaugh:

12. I slapped your character, how do they react?
YOU DARE SLAP ME?! :icondragonmad2plz: probably, unless you're not atleast 15 feet tall, even then, it'd depend on the force, its either FIGHT or IGNORE

13. Coke or Pepsi?
BOOOOTH!! :icondragon

14. They bake a cake, what happens?
they EAT IT! and then comment on its size because human cake recipes arent for 20 foot dragons :icondragonmadplz:

15. How do they react when they see their crush?
calmly and welcomingly

16. They got the exact opposite of what they wanted for their birthday, how do they react?
HOW COULD  YOU GET ME THIS?! I ASKED FOR ____!!! :icondragonmad2plz:

17. What did they get?
uh, if its the exact opposite of what they wanted, probably a shrinking potion that blocked magic (HOW DARE YOU MAKE ME TINY! :icondragonmadplz:)
if its what they wanted, probably blueprints or potion recipe books :icondragonshy1:

18. Are they the ones robbing the store or stopping the thief?
why, both, riches or riches either way when you're a 20 foot dragon :icondragonnodplz:

19. If I were looking for them, where would I probably find them?
an icy place or in the clouds, or a lab of some place, or a powerplant, possibly a lake, yeah anywhere to do with ice electricity or water, with air :icondragonnod1:

20. Interesting… very interesting… ;) (Wink) What superpowers would they/do they have?
they already have storm powers, electricity air water and ice :icondragonxpplz:

21. Cool. Peace or war?
war for peace! :icondragongrin:

22. To them, love is…?
uh... two people getting along really well i guess? :icondragonidleplz:

23. In three words, how would you describe them?
Storm Dragon Scientist

24. Oh no! Zombies are attacking!!! What do they do?
Freeze them, Duh, then eat them cuz meat's delicious :icondragongrin:

25. Are they a virgin?
i'll keep this a secret

26. If they aren't, then how did they lose their virginity?

27. While cooking, they cut themselves with a knife, what happens?

28. Do you like or hate your character?

29. If you told them this, how would they react?
they'd probably be very non-chalant about it

30. And my final question, I set you up to meet them, ten minutes later?
oh wait what? :icondragonshock2: ok then... :icondragonerrplz:
*10 minutes later, conversing with them*
stolen from :iconglaceonkisses24:
1. Open your library (windows media player here i come)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play (done!)
4. For every question, type the song that's playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button (these are simple enough)

Lets see how it goes

*Opening Credits* (TITLE SCREEN!)
Pioneer 2 [from PSO Episode 1&2]
(erm, fitting i guess)

*Waking Up*
Image of Hero [same as before]
(well, certainly works out well)

*First Day at School*
Old Doll [From Ib]
(WHAT!? ok well, i guess, i guess it'd be fitting, it might be scary at first and all)

"IDOLA" have the immortal feather [PSO]

*Falling in Love*
The Last Journey Home [Dragonforce]
(er... must... be pretty intense)

*Fight Song*
A Flame for Freedom [Dragonforce]
(sure, i'll take that)

*Breaking Up*
Mental Breaker [Block B]
( was probably a bad relationship)

*High School*
A Longing to Ancient Times ~Part2~ [PSO]
(yeah, certainly a level up from school)

Abysmal Ball ~Intermission~ [PSO]

Moon-Viewing Recital [Kagerou Project]
(hm, i'll take that, pretty good life)

Growl, From the depths of the earth [PSO]

*Mental Breakdown*
"IDOLA" Have the divine blade [PSO]

The Crazy Program [PSO]
(oh gosh, driving... halp)

Mother Earth of Dishonesty Part2 [PSO]

*Getting Back Together*
Shinigami Record [Kagerou Project]
(hm, yep, i guess it fits)

The kink in the Wind and the Way PART1 [PSO]
(bad times are ahead, wifu)

*Birth of Child*
Empty Space out of control PART1 [PSO]
( comment)

*Final Battle*
The whole new world [PSO]

*Death Scene*
From seeing the Rough Wave [PSO]
(YEAH THIS IS THE SONG! too bad it plays when i die)

*Funeral Song*
Healing [PSO]
(yep, yep, im taking that, yep, it works)

*End Credits*
Ground Theme [Super Mario Bros. 1]

my life story is a comedy, who died to make it play mario at the end?!
i havent been drawing very long, so dont expect very good art for awhile

for now, i have quite alot of interests

currently they are Slightly Damned, The Legend of Zelda, Spyro (more specifically, dragons!), Terraria, Pokemon, and drawing sometimes

i mostly just draw what i feel like drawing but i wont always upload what i've drawn, and i think i shall be done here for now, Goodbye sort of